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Frequently Asked Questions - Evidence Packaging & Submittal

Download and review the Ignitable Liquid Packaging PowerPoint pdf 

No. Due to chain of custody issues and the laboratory's desire to communicate with the submitting officer regarding the submission of evidence, the evidence should be hand delivered to one of the OSBI’s laboratories.

Toxicology evidence is typically submitted by mail through a carrier service (United States Postal Service, UPS, or Federal Express).  Evidence may also be received in person from submitting officers.

No. For safety concerns, firearms may not be mailed for submission. However, all OSBI laboratory locations accept firearms evidence and will transfer such evidence to the Firearm and Toolmark Unit located in Edmond, OK.

All firearms must be unloaded when submitted – no exceptions. Firearms should be submitted in a handgun box or manila envelope with all factory seals reinforced with tape and initials.  For firearms evidence not needing Biology and/or Latent Print analysis, the item may be submitted in a sealed plastic bag. Loose ammunition should never be packaged in the same container as a firearm.