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How long does it take to do a name-based criminal history record check and how will I get my results?

In-person service for a single record check usually requires a wait of ten to fifteen minutes; generally, multiple requests left at the customer window are completed on the same day or by the following day. 

Please allow one to three weeks for processing and return of regular mail requests.

Priority or Overnight Express requests are processed in one to three days from the date they are received.  If Priority or Overnight return service is desired, a pre-paid envelope must be included.  

If requests by mail are not received within thirty days, please contact the Criminal History Reporting Unit at 405-848-6724. 

Faxed requests are generally processed within two to five business days of receipt.  OSBI’s criminal history request form requires customers to provide a dedicated fax number (a line used only for faxing – no phone calls) for the return results.  If your bank or credit card does not show a charge for faxed requests within one business day of faxing or if fax results are not received within five business days of the charge to your bank or credit card, please contact the Criminal History Reporting Unit at 405-848-6724.

Criminal History Record Requests will be returned in the manner received.