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What if I get arrested after I get my license?

The Self-Defense Act prohibits individuals with arrests/pending charges for felony offenses and the following misdemeanor offenses from eligibility:

a.  assault and battery, which caused serious physical injury to the victim, or any second or subsequent assault and battery conviction;

b.  aggravated assault and battery;

c.  stalking;

d.  violation relating to the Protection from Domestic Abuse Act,or any violation of a victim protection order of another state;

e.  any conviction relating to illegal drug use or possession; or

f.  an act of domestic abuse or domestic assault and battery.

OSBI will initiate suspension proceedings upon being made aware of arrests for any of the offenses listed above.OSBI will also take similar action if a 2nd or subsequent conviction for public intoxication is brought to our attention.  A second or subsequent DUI and/ or intoxication conviction will require a doctor’s statement that the individual is not in need of substance abuse treatment. If no certifying statement is provided, the license will be suspended until 3 years from the date of the completion of the last sentence.

If convicted of a felony or any of the misdemeanors listed in a thru f above, OSBI will pursue revocation of the SDA license.

SDA licenses holders can also have their license suspended if convicted of any of the following:

Unlawful Carry

Carrying Firearms Where Liquor is Consumed

Allowing Minors to Possess Firearms

Carrying Weapons Under Influence of Alcohol

Furnishing Firearms to Incompetent Persons

Giving Firearms to Convicted Persons

Discharging Firearm

SDA license holders can have their license revoked if convicted of the following:

Misdemeanor Pointing Firearm

Reckless Conduct, pursuant to Title 21 § 1289.11