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What if my application is denied?

If denial of the application was due to failure to complete the process or failure to provide proof of training, you may supply the missing documents within 60 days and the OSBI will re-open your application.

If you are denied for those statutory provisions that have a time element, you must wait until the appropriate amount of time has elapsed before reapplying. For instance, if you are serving a deferred sentence for a felony offense, you must wait 3 years until final determination of the matter.

If denial was based on a condition that has since changed, you may reapply. For instance, if you were previously living with a felon or adjudicated delinquent and that is no longer the case, you may reapply.

Failure to “comply in good faith” and “significant character defects… as evidenced by a criminal record indicating habitual criminal activity” are considered permanent preclusions unless a hearing officer overturns the basis for denial at an appeal hearing. 

You must notify the OSBI in writing (by letter, email, or fax) within 60 days of OSBI's mailing the denial notification if you intend to appeal the denial of your SDA application.