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Will anything I've done before turning 18 prevent me from getting a license?

State law prevents anyone previously adjudicated as a delinquent child or a youthful offender for felony offenses, from possessing a firearm, being in a car with a firearm or living in a residence with a firearm (unless with a certified peace officer) for 10 years after the adjudication.  Furthermore, the Self-Defense Act specifically prohibits anyone adjudicated as a delinquent from eligibility.  The 10-year waiting period begins on the day of the adjudication and subsequent dismissal of the action does not restore eligibility until the 10 years has run.  The OSBI is required to check for juvenile records through the Juvenile Online Tracking System (JOLTS) maintained by the Office of Juvenile Affairs for anyone under the age of 29.

Convictions, pending actions and deferred sentences for felony charges and prohibited misdemeanors, including multiple convictions relating to intoxication and driving under the influence in state, federal or municipal courts could also be preclusive regardless of age at the time of arrest.

Court ordered mental health commitments and adjudications, suicide attempts or other conditions indicating mental instability and previous mental health treatment as defined by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, even if it occurred while an applicant was under the age of 18, may prevent the OSBI from issuing a gun license.

For more information, check out 21 O.S. §1283 - Convicted Felons and Delinquents (paragraph D), 21 O.S. §1290.10 - Mandatory Preclusions   21 O.S. §1290.11 - Other Preclusions.