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Evidence Submittal Forms

*Note regarding submission (RFLE) form: Please note that the Request for Laboratory Examination Form (RFLE) has been designed as a fillable Word document. This allows the form to expand to accommodate the amount of text entered into the form. Previous versions of this form were created using Adobe software, but were limited in the ability to accept longer text. In these past versions of the RFLE, the form would shrink the font size as necessary in order to allow additional text to fit in the section. Depending on the length of text entered by officers, this sometimes shrank the font to point it was illegible. As a result, the current form is designed to keep the font size static, but to wrap the text onto additional lines as necessary. This allows the form to capture and display all information entered by an officer without shrinking the font size to a point it is illegible. However, this can result in the form “expanding” to more than one page in length. The OSBI CSD apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

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