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Forensic Services Training

OSBI Laboratory Outreach Training

Since 1953 the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's Criminalistics Services Division (OSBI Laboratory) has provided a multitude of forensic science services to law enforcement agencies operating within Oklahoma.  In an effort to continually update our law enforcement partners, the OSBI Laboratory is offering a free, in-person training course about the OSBI Laboratory that is also worth 4 hours of CLEET credit.  This training is designed for both new and seasoned officers.  It has been updated to include information about each laboratory unit and location, all available laboratory services, service limitations, and other evidence-related information as it pertains to evidence collection, packaging, and evaluation, as well as laboratory submission tips.  Information about new instruments and changes in some of the laboratory’s programs to better serve officers will be shared during the training.  The training is provided at no cost to your agency and is provided in a 4-hour session.  Please note, at this time the OSBI Laboratory does not have an online version of this training available. 

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