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Procurement and Facilities Section

The Procurement and Facilities Section is responsible for ensuring that all solicitations and awards issued by the OSBI adhere to state statutes, DCS rules, and agency policy.

All contact with the OSBI during the open solicitation process must be made directly with the Procurement and Facilities Section.

  • Open RFP's/ITB's
  • Open RFI's
  • Closed and Archived RFP's/ITB's and RFI's

ITB:    "Invitation to Bid" - A type of solicitation sent to suppliers for submission of bids for goods or services (specifications are usually clearly defined).

RFI:    "Request for Information" - A method of collecting written information about various suppliers and/or products/services.  The information may be used to help make a decision on what steps should be taken next.  RFI's are often used in combination with RFP's or ITB's.

RFP:    "Request for Proposal" - A type of solicitation sent to suppliers for submission of proposals for goods or services. 

Status Bid Description Amended Closing Date Closing Date Status Buyer Amount Awarded Datesort ascending Vendor/Contractor
Awarded 3080000365

Solicitation for Thermalcyclers 

No May 21, 2018 Original Nancy McFarland $30619.64 May 21, 2018 Life Technologies
Awarded 3080000367

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)


No May 04, 2018 Original $32064.14 May 04, 2018 Adorama, Inc
Awarded 3080000363

Lawn Maintenance for Tahlequah Facility


No December 08, 2017 Original $2200.00 December 08, 2017 One Degree Inc.
Awarded 42933

Tahlequah Door Access Control System


No Original $28239.64 September 13, 2017 US Technologies
Awarded 3080000362

Laboratory Gas Bid


No Original NancyMcFarland $40026.00 June 29, 2017 Airgas USA
Awarded 3080000356

Gas Contract


No Original NancyMcFarland $40026.00 July 27, 2016 Praxair
Awarded 3080000354

GC Consumables


No Original NancyMcFarland $12794.47 June 23, 2016 Government Scientific Source
Awarded 3080000355

3080000355 Enid Janitorial Bid


No Original NancyMcFarland $2860.00 June 23, 2016 Community Enterprises
Awarded 30000349

Lab Consumables




No Original NancyMcFarland $18888.14 June 16, 2016 Government Scientific Source
Awarded 3080001547

Cellebrite License Renewal Solicitation-3080001547 


No Original Vernon Glover $12536.20 November 19, 2015 Forensic Store