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OSBI Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System

SAKT System Overview

The OSBI Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System provides sexual assault survivors with the ability to anonymously track the location and status of their Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) from the point of collection through forensic analysis to final storage location and possible destruction.  The system is designed to track sexual assault kits that were collected in Oklahoma but that had not been analyzed by a forensic laboratory as of June 1st, 2017.  The goal of the system is to further empower survivors with information, assist law enforcement with investigations and crime prevention, and create transparency to foster public trust. 

The tracking system will:

  • Track the location and status of sexual assault kits throughout the criminal justice process.
  • Allow medical facilities performing sexual assault forensic examinations, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, forensic labs, and other entities in possession of sexual assault kits to update and track the status and location of sexual assault kits.
  • Allow victims of sexual assault to anonymously track or receive updates regarding the status of their sexual assault kits.



Training Contact

Matt Stillwell

Forensic Science Center

Attn: SAKT Unit
800 East 2nd Street
Edmond, OK  73034
Phone: 405-715-9530
Toll-free: 800-522-8253
Fax: 405-330-6974