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Frequently Asked Questions

What items will the OSBI accept for destruction?

In compliance with Title 63 Oklahoma Statutes, Sections 2-507 and 2-505(B), the OSBI will accept controlled dangerous substances and drug paraphernalia as defined by the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act.  Chemicals for destruction should be packaged separate from controlled dangerous substances and drug paraphernalia.

Syringes and sharp objects must be packaged in a puncture proof container.

Biohazardous materials or items contaminated with biohazard substances (blood, semen, etc), and explosives of any kind, including firecrackers and ammunition will NOT be accepted.

How should evidence be packaged for submission to the Firearms and Toolmarks Unit?

All firearms must be unloaded when submitted – no exceptions. Firearms should be submitted in a handgun box, sealed plastic bag or manila envelope. Loose ammunition should never be packaged in the same container as a firearm.

Can I mail my evidence to the laboratory for analysis?

No. For safety concerns, firearms may not be mailed for submission. However, all OSBI laboratory locations accept firearms evidence and will transfer such evidence to the Firearm and Toolmark Unit located in Edmond, OK.

What is NIBIN?

 NIBIN stands for the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network. NIBIN is accessed through IBIS.

What is IBIS?

IBIS stands for the Integrated Ballistics Identification System. It is a database of cartridge case images. When a cartridge case is entered into the system, a proprietary algorithm returns a list of possible ‘matches.’  IBIS does not identify a specific firearm but rather provides investigative leads that must be verified on a comparison microscope by a firearms examiner.

What is evaluated for IBIS entry?

Semi-automatic pistols of the following calibers:
          22 LR / 22 Long Rifle
          25 Auto / 25 ACP
          32 Auto / 32 ACP
          380 Auto / 9mm kurz / 9mm Corto
          9x18 MAK / 9x18 Makarov
          9mm Luger / 9mm Parabellum
          357 SIG
          40 S&W / 40 Auto
          10mm Auto
          45 Auto / 45 ACP
   Semi-automatic rifles of the following calibers:
          22 LR / 22 Long Rifle
          223 REM / 5.56x45mm (example: AR-15)
          7.62x39mm (example: AK-47)
          Rifles that fire any of the above pistol calibers
   Pump-action shotguns
   Semi-automatic shotguns

What is not evaluated for IBIS entry?

Revolvers, single shot and/or break-open shotguns, lever action rifles, bolt action rifles or shotguns, antiques / muzzle loaders / blackpowder, or hunting rifle calibers (i.e. 30-06 SPRG, 7mm Mauser, 303 British, 308 WIN, 243 WIN).

My gun was confiscated and sent to the OSBI. Who do I contact?

The Firearms and Toolmarks Unit is unable to release case information to civilians. Please, contact your case agent for information regarding your property.

How do I get a copy of my blood test results?

You or your attorney can contact the District Attorney in the county of offense, the Department of Public Safety, or you may send a letter to the OSBI requesting your blood test results. Click here for the form to request a copy of your blood test results.
For defense attorney's requesting the blood test results for their client, please fill out the letter template here, print the letter template on your firm's official letterhead and mail to:

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Attn: Toxicology Unit
800 E. 2nd Street
Edmond, OK 73034

The request can also be faxed to 405-330-6974 or emailed to


How do I request an independent test?

You or your attorney may request an independent test of your blood sample at your own expense. You are responsible for making all necessary arrangements for the independent testing of your sample.

Click here for the form to request independent testing of your blood sample.

For defense attorney's requesting independent testing of their client's blood sample, please fill out the letter template here, print the letter template on your firm's official letterhead and mail to:

Oklahoma State Bureau of investigation
Attn: Toxicology Unit
800 E. 2nd Street
Edmond, OK 73034

The request can also be faxed to 405-330-6974 or emailed to


How long do you hold the blood samples?

The defendant’s retention specimen will be retained for 60 days from the date of collection in accordance with 

Title 47 O.S. § 752. Remaining specimens involving impaired driving may be destroyed after 4 months from 

the date received by the OSBI.

How do I obtain blood kits for sample collection?

OSBI Blood Specimen Collection Kits are available to law enforcement agencies in the State of Oklahoma.  Drug 

Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) kits are also available for hospitals. 

Contact information and request form on obtaining blood kits or DFSA kits.  

Where can I find DUI/DUID laws?
Is the Toxicology lab accredited?

Yes, the OSBI Toxicology Lab is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory 

Accreditation Board International (ASCLD/LAB). Learn about the OSBI Forensic Science Center lab 


What types of samples will the Toxicology Lab analyze?

Blood samples should be collected in grey top tubes (or equivalent) containing 10% potassium oxalate and sodium

fluoride to preserve the samples.  The OSBI provides grey top tubes and/or blood vials containing these

preservatives to customers (OSBI Blood Specimen Collection Kit or Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Kits).

Hospital or clinical specimens containing serum or plasma collected pursuant to medical treatment may also be

submitted.  NOTE:  Serum/plasma ethanol concentrations are higher than corresponding whole blood


The Toxicology Lab will also analyze urine (drug facilitated sexual assaults) and unknown liquids believed to contain

alcohol (alcoholic beverage content).

I have a question about my blood test results. Who do I contact?

Contact the Criminalist who issued the report.

How do I submit toxicology evidence to the OSBI?

Toxicology evidence is typically submitted by mail through a carrier service (United States Postal Service, UPS, or

Federal Express).  Evidence may also be received in person from submitting officers.

How should samples be stored until they are ready to be submitted to the OSBI?

The storage and dispatch or forwarding of the State's blood specimen shall be accomplished in such manner and by 

such means as to maintain the identity and integrity of specimens, maintain the chain of custody, to exclude 

tampering with and unauthorized access to or exchange or loss of specimens, and to provide the requisite 

security for evidentiary purposes.

How should evidence be packaged for submission to the Forensic Biology Unit?
If I am a student and interested in a practicum with the OSBI, where can I obtain information on the program?

For more information on the program, please click here.  University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) students should coordinate the practicum through Dr. Adams.  The OSBI participates in a practicum student program, in which college students can partake.  There is an online application that must be completed and returned.  In addition, please submit a copy of your transcript with the application.  Applicants from universities that are not partnered with the OSBI will need a faculty sponsor and to be enrolled for college credit in a course compatible with the field of interest.  A letter of recommendation from your faculty sponsor along with the application materials must be mailed to:

OSBI Practicum Program
800 E. 2nd Street
Edmond, OK 73034

The practicum program will typically involve a short rotation through the OSBI forensic units, and each student will then be assigned a specific discipline where he/she will gain some laboratory experience in that particular discipline.  The application for the practicum program must be submitted before the following dates:

A spring semester practicum application be must received no later than the third week in September prior to the spring semester.

A summer semester practicum application must be received no later than the third week in February prior to the summer semester.

A fall semester practicum application must be received no later than the third week in February prior to the fall semester.

Click here for a full list of the opportunities and other information at the OSBI.


Forensic Science Center
800 East 2nd Street
Edmond, OK  73034
Phone: 405-330-6724
Toll-free: 800-522-8253
Fax: 405-330-6207

Eastern Regional Laboratory
701 W. Carl Albert Parkway
McAlester, OK 74501
Phone: 918-423-6672
Fax: 918-423-7586

Northeastern Regional Laboratory
1995 Airport Parkway
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Phone: 918-456-0653
Fax: 918-458-0037

Northwestern Regional Laboratory
1305 E. Owen K. Garriot Road
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Phone: 580-242-2600
Fax: 580-234-8707

Southwestern Regional Facility
607 SW E Avenue
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