UPDATE to In-person Services

The OSBI Headquarters Lobby is open to the public, however, an appointment is still required for fingerprint services*.  We recommend that you utilize our online services to obtain a name-based record check at chirp.osbi.ok.gov and apply for or check the status of your SDA license at osbi.ok.gov/handgun-licensing.  Please click here for information regarding evidence submittal to the OSBI Laboratory.

*Fingerprint services for individuals are by appointment only (please call 405-848-6724 and ask for the Ten Print Unit for an appointment).  This service is ONLY available to individuals whose fingerprints have been previously rejected twice by the OSBI.  

OSBI Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System
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Criminal History

Request, update, and expunge criminal history records

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Handgun Licensing

All the information you need about the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act

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Law Enforcement Programs

Programs that will permit the efficient use of crime fighting programs.

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OSBI Centennial

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is a professional law enforcement agency that performs many functions in order to fulfill its mission of ensuring the safety and security of the citizens of Oklahoma. OSBI special agents investigate major crimes and assist when requested by a statutory requestor. OSBI also operates several specialized units such as Crimes Against Children, Polygraph, Forensic Video/Audio Analysis, and the Crimes Information Unit. Criminalists assigned to OSBI’s Forensic Science Services utilize cutting-edge technology to perform forensic analysis in toxicology, serology, latent print, forensic biology/DNA, and firearms and toolmarks for law enforcement agencies throughout Oklahoma. OSBI is Oklahoma’s repository for fingerprints, criminal history information, and crime reporting. The OSBI Self-Defense Act Unit administers the licensing of Oklahoma residents to carry a handgun. 

OSBI Centennial

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Mary Pewitt Cold Case

In June of 1988, 25-year-old Mary Morgan Pewitt was found dead by her two daughters in Comanche, Oklahoma. It was the start of an over 35-year homicide investigation, as her loved ones are still looking for answers. The OSBI continues to work on the case to identify the individuals responsible for her murder. If you have any information on this case, you can contact our investigators at [email protected] or 1-800-522-8017. We are "Protecting Oklahoma one Partnership at time." Click here to view other cold case videos. #OSBI #OneTeamOneMission

Alaunna Raffield Fund

Alaunna Raffield

To improve services to the citizens of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has been tasked with the administration of the Alaunna Raffield Fund (HB 2851).  This fund was established by the legislature in 2023 and is dedicated to the memory of Alaunna Raffield.  The purpose of the fund is to assist our local law enforcement partners with the cost of attending training facilitated by the OSBI.  Scholarship opportunities are afforded each year to county and municipal law enforcement agencies to attend accredited training conducted by the OSBI.  The application is available on the OSBI webpage (click here to download a PDF copy).  The application must be properly completed and a printed copy presented to the regional OSBI Captain.  The application must be received by the Captain 8 weeks prior to the training to which the applicant is applying.


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Cold Case Cards

Series 1

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Photo of Luella Wright
Photo of Tanja Hook
Photo of James Bourk
Photo of Pamela Woodring
Photo of Jeremy Toles
Photo of kathryn Cochran
Photo of Daniel Furr
Photo of Jean Vincent
Photo of William Huls
Photo of Carter Leach
Photo of Dennis Harding
Photo of Carina Saunders
Photo of Stephan Adams
Photo of Tracey Neilson
Colt Haynes
Jody Wilson
Chris Shelton

Series 2

Billy Wayne Alexander

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2023 SDA Law Changes

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OSBI Cold Cases

Families with cold cases can contact OSBI Victim Services by sending an email to [email protected].  For inquiries about the Cold Case Playing Card program, please send an email to [email protected].