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Digital Evidence

The OSBI Digital Evidence Unit (DEU) is attached to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) region within the OSBI Investigative Services Division.  The DEU is housed at the OSBI Headquarters building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The DEU specializes in the preservation, acquisition, processing, and analysis of evidence in a digital format. Digital evidence seized at crime scenes may contain vital evidence. Digital forensic analysis provides law enforcement agencies with the recovery and analysis of digital evidence, especially in crimes involving children.

The Digital Evidence Unit works closely with the ICAC Special Agents, ICAC Triage Analysts, ICAC Technical Investigators, and ICAC Criminalists.  Crimes against children such as sexual exploitation of a child, indecent liberties, statutory rape, and child pornography, account for the majority of digital evidence submissions. Other cases involve homicides, rape, conspiracy to commit murder, financial crimes, computer crimes, fraud, identity theft, property crimes, and drug offenses.

    After processing the evidence, a detailed exhibit report of the analysis and any pertinent data recovered will be prepared and disseminated. Also, upon request, Digital Evidence Unit Criminalists will testify in criminal proceedings as an expert witness in the area of digital evidence.

    Digital Evidence Services Provided

    Computer Forensic Analysis on:

    • Desktop Computers
    • Laptop Computers
    • Hard Drives
    • USB Flash Drives
    • USB External Hard Drives
    • Memory Cards (as a standalone piece of loose media)

    Types of data analyzed:

    • File type sorting and searching
      • Documents
      • Emails
      • Photographs
      • Videos
    • Internet History/Chats
    • Registry Entries
    • Data Recovery
    • Usage History
    • Keyword/number pattern searches

    Data extraction on:

    • Cellular Telephones
    • Tablets
    • SIM Cards
    • Memory Cards (as a component of the cellular telephone or digital storage device)

    Types of data extracted:

    • Contacts
    • Emails
    • Call Logs
    • SMS/MMS Messages
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Calendar Entries
    • Ringtones
    • Audio Files
    • Locations

    Digital Evidence Unit (DEU) Contact

    ICAC/DEU Regional Office
    6600 North Harvey Place
    Oklahoma City, OK 73116

    Digital Evidence Unit
    Supervisor Lieutenant Rachel Ross

    Phone: 580-816-0050
    Email[email protected]

    ICAC Contact

    Captain Jeremy Yerton
    Special Agent in Charge/ICAC Commander
    Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
    Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

    Phone: 405-848-6724
    Email [email protected]


    Statewide Units

    Investigative Services Statewide Units

    • Crimes Information Unit
    • Electronic Composites
    • Forensic Audio/Video
    • Polygraph Unit
    • Special Investigations Unit
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI)