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Public Information Office

OSBI Public Information Manager, Hunter McKee

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is excited to introduce Hunter McKee as our new Public Information Manager. McKee was born and raised in the Oklahoma City area, graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2016. He began his career as a news reporter for the Fox affiliate in Champaign, IL. In 2017, he took a video and editing position with the Oklahoma City Thunder and then joined KWTV News 9, where he covered a variety of stories throughout the state of Oklahoma.

After three-in-a-half years as an Oklahoma City reporter, McKee decided to become the Public Information Officer for the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office. As their spokesperson, he conducted on-camera interviews, created content for their social media pages, and assisted with community events.

McKee says he’s excited to be a part of the OSBI family and strives to assist the citizens of Oklahoma. He looks forward to representing our agency moving forward.

The OSBI disseminates information to the public in numerous ways including social media. The Bureau also uses an alert system called Nixle. By signing up for Nixle at, you can choose if you want the information via text message or e-mail. The OSBI Public Information Office also updates the OSBI Facebook page and Twitter account. No longer will press releases be posted to the OSBI website.

The Public Information Office strives to pursue opportunities to promote the good works of the bureau while keeping the public informed. The PIO uses numerous outlets for dissemination of information including an OSBI Twitter account you can follow at OSBI_OK, the OSBI Facebook page, the OSBI website, and the information alert system Nixle. These are all available to anyone in the public who wishes to follow the bureau.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is not subject to the Oklahoma Open Records Act. Oklahoma Statute 74 § 150.5(D) states:

D. 1. All records relating to any investigation being conducted by the Bureau, including any records of laboratory services provided to law enforcement agencies pursuant to paragraph 1 of Section 150.2 of this title, shall be confidential and shall not be open to the public or to the Commission except as provided in Section 150.4 of this title; provided, however, officers and agents of the Bureau may disclose, at the discretion of the Director, such investigative information to:

a. officers and agents of federal, state, county, or municipal law enforcement agencies and to district attorneys, in the furtherance of criminal investigations within their respective jurisdictions,

b. employees of the Department of Human Services in the furtherance of child abuse investigations, and

c. appropriate accreditation bodies for the purposes of the Bureau's obtaining or maintaining accreditation.

2. Any unauthorized disclosure of any information contained in the confidential files of the Bureau shall be a misdemeanor… Violation hereof shall be deemed willful neglect of duty and shall be grounds for removal from office.