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State Incident-Based Reporting System

The OSBI has been working with a number of law enforcement agencies across the state to set up access to SIBRS and train them to use the system.  Currently, there are over 427 active SIBRS law enforcement agencies.  In interfacing with SIBRS, these agencies fall into two different categories, they are:

  • Hosted
    • Agencies that use the SIBRS system as a fundamental Records Management System (RMS) are referred to as Hosted agencies.  Upon signing on to the SIBRS portal, a hosted agency submits its customized incident reports via the Internet.
  • Non-Hosted
    • Non-Hosted agencies will be able, with the use of an interface, to electronically upload incidents from an RMS.  RMS vendors interested in developing such an interface should click on links in the Technical Documentation area below for information regarding specific requirements.

Incident Reporting through SIBRS

Detailed incident reporting available in SIBRS is referred to as full reporting.  The FBI sometimes refers to full reporting as "Enhanced NIBRS Reporting".

Benefits to Law Enforcement Agencies

  • No cost RMS and incident reporting system for smaller agencies*
  • Electronic batch submission portal for larger agencies
  • Secure, fast electronic submissions
  • Provides reporting capabilities to participating law enforcement agencies
  • Automatic submittals for required reporting to the FBI
  • Provides a repository of incident reporting
  • Enables your agency to control employee access to SIBRS
  • Enables your agency to share data with other law enforcement agencies