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Handgun Licensing

SDA and 'Constitutional Carry'

Q: Can I continue to renew my SDA license after Constitutional Carry goes into effect Nov. 1?

A: Yes, you can continue to obtain or renew your license in Oklahoma after Nov. 1.


Q: After Constitutional Carry goes into effect on Nov. 1, am I able to get a license to carry a gun in Oklahoma?

A: Yes, you can still go through the process to obtain a license after Nov. 1. Oklahoma has reciprocal agreements with other states that recognize Oklahoma’s permit in their state. If you choose to not get a permit in Oklahoma and you travel to a state that requires a permit to carry open or concealed, then you are subject to the laws of that state.


Q: Can I be reimbursed for the fees to obtain or renew my SDA carry license?

A: All fees previously incurred to obtain or renew a license in Oklahoma are non-refundable.


The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is hereby authorized to license an eligible person to carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun as provided by the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. The authority of the Bureau shall be limited to the provisions specifically provided in the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. The Bureau shall promulgate rules, forms, and procedures necessary to implement the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act.

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Sheriffs have 14 days to submit completed applications to the OSBI. OSBI has 60-90 days to complete the processing of applications.

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Applications are also available at all county sheriffs' offices and on this page.

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If you have or plan on applying for an Oklahoma SDA license, and you have or are obtaining an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient License, please read the above document.

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