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What should I do if my fingerprints get rejected?

If your fingerprint cards are rejected due to failure to meet quality standards, you must submit new fingerprint cards. You can return to the sheriff’s office in your county of residence, or visit another sheriff’s office or police department. You may find more success from a department that can take your fingerprints digitally. Please check with your local police or sheriff departments.  You may also submit your prints electronically through an authorized vendor.  To view locations, fees and instructions, visit or call toll-free 877-219-0197.


If you have 2 or more fingerprint rejections, OSBI offers fingerprinting services at our headquarters in Oklahoma City. OSBI fingerprinting services are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30, except holidays.


Please note that legible fingerprints are a required component of the application process and the OSBI is unable to issue a license until acceptable fingerprints are submitted and processed.